Tuesday, November 24, 2009


On my way to a stunning 836th place out of 1109 entrants at the Totton 10K.
Just one of many triumphs of training and endurance. Running never appealed to me in my youth. I recall school cross country runs. I usually walked after leaving the school grounds. But then most of us did. Conscious of the need to keep fit in my old age I decided to take an interest in running. More books! Handbook of the Competitive Runner was my guide book. Training regimes all worked out for races. On and on I plodded building at my peak to around 25 miles a week. Not that it did me much good. My best 10k was 50 mins 9 seconds. And distance? The longest race I entered was the New Forest 10 mile run on a hot summer day in July. Never again! Marathon and even half marathon runners have my total admiration. How they do it is beyond me. In addition to Totton, I recall races at Christchurch, Boscombe, Poole, Eastleigh and Ringwood.
Don't do too much these days. May have another go when I get to 70. Seem to recall there being only three runners over 70 at my last race in Eastleigh. I may yet get on a podium!

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