Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Grandpa Pete's Study

It's 11 feet by 9 feet. There's a lot in it. And it's where I've spent a lot of my retirement. And it tells a story. On the wall is my hard earned Accountancy qualification certificate, Jonny kicking that goal, and daughter Zilla in a Royal Opera House advertising poster. The duck is a reminder of my cricket fortunes. Bells and radios abound. But this also highlights another of my interests - hifi and home cinema. I spent a lot of time selecting all the components of the system and have spent many happy hours making use of them.

I bought my desk for £17.50 in 1961. I must have used it every day since then. This is my music listening position. More bells, telephones, radios and books.

Viewing chair and a few other mementos. And a rarely used duster! As I look round my study, so many memories come back to me of the days spent selecting each item or of the event depicted in pictures and photos. Books, sitting quietly, always to hand.

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