Wednesday, November 25, 2009


From the age of 6, when I saw my first Pompey match, I have been addicted to football. Never an active player - I played rugby at school. But I have followed football with a passion all my life. England, Pompey, and Manchester United take first,second and third place in my affections. Bit unusual for a fan to put country first. I was at Wembley when England won the world cup in 1966. I watched Pompey's 2008 cup win on TV. It was great to watch a Pompey cup win. But nothing has matched the joy of '66.
Being a football fan is hard work, heartache and occasional joy. It takes up a lot of time. These days, I usually turn on the TV just a minute or two before kick off. And off, at the finish. Might lurk a little longer after a great triumph. But that isn't often. Don't go to grounds much these days. But still make the odd appearance at Fratton Park. But radio and TV are rarely far away for too long .

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