Sunday, November 22, 2009


It began with a book. Not sure what made me pick up  "The Setmakers" from the library. A history of the British radio industry, the book contained the story of Roberts Radio, a company that for many years made radios which were in homes throughout the UK. The name still exists although the radios are now made in the far east. I decided to build a collection of their old radios. I collected about 40. From antique shops, fairs and Ebay, in they came. I found a person who restored them when needed. Among my Roberts buys was a collection of radios and ephemera from Gordon Bussey, the author of "The History of Roberts Radio" The ephemera included company scrapbooks and old advertising leaflets. I paid £150 for a boxful. Several years later, I sold my collection. The ephemera alone raised around £2000 on Ebay. That was fun!
The radios have gone now apart from a couple. The one in the photo was an old American radio given to me by my friend "Antique" Derrick. More about him in the future.
One of my more memorable trips was a visit to a radio collectors fair at The NEC. Thousands of radios and ephemera galore. Bought very little, but a great day out.

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