Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Grand days out

When I first retired, because we had so many separate interests, Ruth and I decided we should set aside at least one full day a week to spend together. We called them our grand days out. Doing something special that was not part of the weekly routine. However much I enjoy interests and hobbies nothing matches the times I spend with Ruth. We have been together since our teenage years and have no difficulty on agreeing what do do together on these special days. Sometimes we have long trips like a visit to London for ballet, the theatre or exhibitions and other places of interest. Or trips to historic houses and gardens. Sometimes we travel by train along the coast. Or we just visit towns and villages within a day trip range. One thing never changes. On arrival somewhere, we always start with coffee. After that, we often go our separate ways and agree a time to meet later. Keeps things fresh and gives plenty to chat about over lunch.

See what I mean?

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