Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Antique" Derrick

Derrick worked at the Council with me. Nearly 20 years ago when he retired, he suggested I join him on a walk on the Isle of Wight. The trip involved a ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth, then bus to Alum Bay. From there we walked to the Needles, over Tennyson Down to Freshwater for lunch. Then over the golf course to Brook for tea, then back to Freshwater where we caught a bus back to Yarmouth. It is a glorious walk, taking in some of the finest views in the UK.
When I retired, Derrick asked me to photograph his collection of antiques. It took several weeks. Since those days Derrick and I have spent a day together every month. Annual walks on the Isle of Wight, trips to London and places of historic interest. Derrick has a wonderful knowledge of history and antiques. A little has been passed on to me.
Here's Derrick on the final assault on the peak at Tennyson Down this year.

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