Tuesday, November 24, 2009


We are all photographers now! A basic digital camera, one click, into the computer, one or two more clicks. Another masterpiece. We can all do it. We all love taking or looking at photos. I'm not a fanatic at this as I may be at some other things but I have really enjoyed having the time to have photo sessions. Holidays, trips, and family events are all obvious targets. But what I really love is to just take my camera out on a nice day and go off on my own somewhere with just photography in mind. Back home, on the computer and within a few minutes paying a slide show on a large screen TV in high definition. It's not that long ago when photographers spent hours in the darkroom to produce just one picture. Of course they had a lot of fun. But I know what I prefer!

And here's another example of technology and photography in combination. Just a few random photos to illustrate this modern world where I can take photos and instantly share it with anyone with access to a computer anywhere.


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