Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was listening to a live radio broadcast about retirement. It was extolling the virtues of a physically and mentally active retirement. I rang up to have my say. Each to their own I said. "I have spent some of the happiest hours of my life in the front of a TV watching sport. It may not be active, but it's fun."

Each of us will approach retirement in our own way. I thought deeply about those matters that were important to me. Then considered what I needed to do to ensure that those matters were addressed. That set the pattern of my retirement. Two things are of the highest importance to me. A sense of freedom. And a sense of peace. It has taken a long time. But I'm there.

This blog is my story. Nothing out of the ordinary. Typical of a type who was able to take early retirement in the very different conditions of the mid 90s. It's a story of a very fortunate man, living a comfortable and happy life.

And yet although that's true, I'm a very sad person too. Anyone who has studied history and who has followed closely the events of the past 60 knows how lucky they are to enjoy a happy life. And I never forget it.

I hope something in this blog will make you chuckle. I've enjoyed a few memories putting it together.

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